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Eliot looks back on a diverse and successful career. He is not only a specialist in 3-D animation film, but is a pioneer of German street art, characterizing the graffiti, comic, and beatbox scenes throughout the country. He is a founding member of the  first comic and graffiti associations, published the first German rap – freestyle and beatbox records, has been a part of  artistic  teams for the first German-based multimedia, internet and 3D cinema productions, published countless comics, performed live shows globally with his unique beatbox style, curated exhibitions, and has had repeated appearances on mainstream media platforms such as Playboy, the television show “Herzblatt” (German version of “The Dating Show”) and MTV.

Always one to violate graffiti rules, he began to embroider the first graffiti designs on canvas.  “The fact that a guy like me sits down and sews, that leaves many surprised.” He has zero fear of contact. On the contrary:  “Embroidery for me is like meditation.”  The creative process is short. Once the draft is on paper, contemplative hours follow in which the needle is pulled through the canvas, again and again. Eliot needs some good 20 hours for a piece. The first embroidered painting was of a robot and this 2004 edition was sold within hours of display.

Eliot sees himself as an entertainer with paintings having a message but without forcing statements on the viewer.  His art is not to moralize, not to politicize and not to bring wisdom to man. Eliot wants to, above all things, entertain and be macho about his work ethic.